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Why Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second language in the world with most native speakers, with more than 500 million speakers around the world. It is also the third most studied language. You might be in contact with this language due to the large number of Spanish-speaking people who migrate into other countries, or maybe you have enjoyed tourist resorts in the Caribbean, South America, or Spain.

Spanish is found in many places, but so is English. Then, why learn Spanish?

In this talk from TED, linguist John McWhorter mentions four reasons why English speakers should learn another language:

  • To imbibe another culture
  • Benefits for the brain (fewer chances of suffering from dementia, become a better multitasker)
  • Because it’s fun
  • Because it’s easy (regarding available resources)

I talked about the first two in a previous article, and I totally agree with Mr. McWhorter in the other two. You can enjoy a great deal while learning a new language, and that language could well be Spanish.

Eñe_on_keyboard_-_blueApart from the reasons you can have for learning any language, Spanish has a particular appeal. It is a very rich language regarding its vocabulary, and it is very easy to learn its pronunciation. Besides, learning Spanish will open your mind to a whole new culture, and will help you understand many aspects that already exist in your culture. You will better understand and enjoy food, music, traditions, and the vast literature and wonderful poetry available in this language.

To continue quoting TED talks, I would also like to mention another one by Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler, titled Poetry, music, and identity. In this very interesting talk, Mr. Drexler mentions the fact that identity ─whether our own or the identity of the things we know─ is complex and filled with nuances. It comprises a mixture of many different and diverse cultures. So we could easily have some Hispanic touch in our blood we are not even aware of. Why not explore this side? After all, en la variedad está el gusto (Variety is the spice of life).

What do you think? Would you like to learn Spanish? Your opinions and suggestions are welcome! Did you enjoy the article? Like it and share it with your friends!

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